SquirrelizeMe – My first iPhone App

Three Kids with a dog on a leash?These three kids are fond of their dog, aren’t they? Apparently yes as this photo shot with my iPhone seems to prove. And they are keeping the dog good on the leash, don’t they?

Want to see how this shot really was created? Watch the short video further down showing SquirrelizeMe in action.

It all started with a real funny story: A Minnesota couple placed the camera on the ground and set the timer for a nice photo on the beautiful Lake Minnewanka. Then a squirrel native to that place, appeared, became intrigued with the sound of the camera focusing and crashed the photo by popping into the shoot.

Starting with National Georaphic as Photo of the Day the squirrel is everywhere on the Internet and on many photos.

AppStoreIconWith this App you can “squirrelize” your own photos directly on your device. You can even adjust the unsharpening of the background as well as the compression of the photo which you might send directly by e-mail by to your friends and family.

But thats not all! If the squirrel is too cute for you, you may crash your photos with a dangerous tarantula, a colorful grub, a clumsy ice bear or a gaping seal. Or just comment on a party location or your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend by different hand signs. And if you are still in love send a kiss or a heart in your photo.

Crash everything everywhere! It’s really fun!

Since the approval of the applet by Apple is still pending you’ll find the App Store links a future post. Keep your patience!

In the meantime you may visit SquirrelizeMe’s homepage.


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