FoundMe App – A Wallpaper Labeler for the iPhone With Text Messaging

icon_english_64-AppStoreFoundMe is a comfortable wallpaper editor for the iPhone or iPod touch combined with a one-way online messenger to contact your lost or stolen iPhone or iPod touch. It integrates the owner’s contact data on the lock screen of the iPhone. What makes it stand out from other wallpaper editors are

  • the sleek designed interface,
  • the in color, transparency, position and orientation customizable text layer,
  • the integration of two wallpaper galleries,
  • the ability to receive “push” text notifications on the device even if the SIM card was replaced and you can not reach your device by text message or phone call.


You feel a lot safer if your contact data is prominently placed on your iPhone’s screen. So in case you lose your phone a potential finder could call or email you quickly. Even if you setup a pass code lock.

The whole thing is really something Apple should have provided.  But with FoundMe it is more fun!

To frequently change your wallpaper depending on your mood while maintaining your contact data is just a breeze. The two galleries give you a wide selection of wallpapers to choose from. You can freely tune the colors of the text and background and even rotate the text by +/- 90 degrees.

The homepage of FoundMe is setup here:


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