SquirrelizeMe 1.0 for the iPhone released!

AppStoreIconHooray! SquirrelizeMe passed the Appstore review process this week and is as version 1.0 from now on available for purchase here.

All your support requests, issues you have with the app and feature suggestions for future updates you may direct to this blog. I’ll try to respond quickly.

Additionally I’d like to announce that in the near future there will be an update permitting the use of the iPhone’s camera roll for picking images. Expect it end of 2009 / early in 2010.

CouplewSquirrelAppStoreAs a little weird fun app SquirrelizeMe is reviewed exhaustively at KRAPPS.COM . This is exactly where it belongs too, giving you a bit of a different perspective when taking photos. However, they seem to cherish SquirrelizeMe for a particular gesture which is not the Okey-dokey sign. Let me reveal so much: That symbol is quite the opposite to the look of the cute squirrel in its sweet fur and with its brown eyes. Perhaps in case you feel like not be treated well, load up SquirrelizeMe, aim, and fire at the f**king whatever there is in front of your iPhones lens! Find out what I mean here.

For the other part I would like to apologize in advance for any bad feelings caused by photos fabricated by SquirelizeMe and state that it is not my own hand making the signs.


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