FoundMe 1.0 available on the App Store

icon_english_64-AppStoreThis weekend Apple decided that FoundMe is finally fit for distribution through the App Store. Though I had to axe the integration of because of legal issues. However, I guess this wallpaper gallery will reappear soon in the first update.

Screenshot 2009.11.1

For everyone who changes his wallpaper frequently and likes to have a bit of reassurance that if lost the finder of your iPhone learns that he is the owner, FoundMe is a must have.

As I just confirmed, the FoundMe Online Portal enables you to get into touch with your iPhone even if it’s SIM-card was replaced. This is because the transmission is driven by the Push Notification technology introduced with iPhone OS 3.0. These Push Notifications are bound to a particular iPhone together with a particular App – not to the SIM-Card as traditional phone calls or text messages would be.

With Apple’s Push Notifications working reliable in the few tests I performed, please tell if you would like to see in the FoundMe Online Portal – the place where you can send your phone a message – a map service showing the location of your lost phone. This is a feature which is planned as an update.

The video shows the wallpaper labeling with FoundMe; how to apply your personal info to your phone’s lock screen.


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