FoundMe updated with GPS-tracking

FoundMe has been updated to version 1.1 to include a possible way of location tracking by push notifications. This means that if your device is locked and the finder slides to unlock FoundMe is launched in a special ‘push mode’. (Otherwise you have to trick the finder to choose ‘View’ in the pushed message pop-up dialog to start FoundMe.) In this ‘push mode’ FoundMe displays all your provided contact information (red screen) while it quietly in the background reports the device’s location back to the Online Portal where it is displayed on a map.

Unfortunately the process of obtaining an exact location depends on the environment and most significant; it takes some time. Therefore a series of up to 4 locations of increasing accuracy can be reported back to the Online-Portal (see the image below). Every location report is converted to an email which is send to the address you registered with.


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