Update soon: FoundMe 1.3 As A Multi-tasking App

I am happy to announce that there will be a terrific update which brings continuous location measurement for FoundMe. You will be able to set FoundMe to continue to run in the background after you quit the app to uninterruptedly report the position of your iPhone. You then can monitor its location on the Internet via the FoundMe Online Portal.

The update will be available on all devices with the new iOS 4 firmware which support multitasking. Among the range of iPhones that includes the 3GS and the iPhone 4.

The measurements will be performed in a battery-friendly way, meaning the GPS will be turned on just for a few seconds each time your device’ cell radio starts using a new cell tower for communication. This ensures that the tracking consumes just a very small amount of energy from your battery. On the other hand this means that the more time has elapsed after the last measurement the location reported will be more uncertain within the extend of current cell tower cover area.

The last tests will be finished soon. Taking into account the time Apple needs for approval I expect update to be available in early July 2010.

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