Beta-Testers Wanted for Euro­bill­tra­cker App


Attention all Euro-banknote collectors, I began building an iPhone / iPod touch App for easy mobile banknote tracking!

Eurobilltracker (EBT) is an international non-profit volunteer team dedicated to tracking Euro notes around the world. Each user enters the serial numbers and location information for each note they obtain into EuroBillTracker.

In order to address the needs of the EBT users I would like to get permanent feedback from the community during the development process. I figured that a Beta program would be a nice way to let everybody (not really everybody, Apple demands that it can not be more than 100) know what it is going to be and account for a lot of the testing which otherwise I would have to do myself.

If you are interested you can simply apply for the Beta Program by either

Please note that the devices will need to have a software (OS) version of 3.0 or higher and may not be iPads.
Update (16th June 2011): Due to lacking time I won’t support iOS version 3 – like on the iPhone 1 – for now. Your iOS device is required to run at least an iOS firmware of version 4.0.

I expect distributing the first Beta end of November, but can not pro­mise since our customers have priority.
Update (16th June 2011): As the second Beta is out now I expect the final version to be ready mid July 2011.

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