EuroApp 1.0 free on the App Store

EuroApp 1.0 is my new iPhone / iPod touch app for cap­turing Euro banknotes on the fly.

It is the mobile front-end for the Euro­bill­ com­munity website. You can attach your own personal meta-data (location, date, comment) on a unique Euro banknote and follow it when  the money flow lets it  surface again in the purse of another Euro bill tracker. You will then have encountered a hit. In the meantime you can view your collection progress in some statistics charts and leaderboards, or you may compete with your friends for the most Game Center achievements.

There is no previous membership at needed, you can do that on demand from within the app.

I think it is a really handsome app, but that I let you to decide for yourself – you can load the app for free from the App Store!

You can find the website of the EuroApp at if you wish to learn more about Euro bill tracking or the app!


2 Responses to “EuroApp 1.0 free on the App Store”

  1. mobile development studio Says:

    Wow amazing!
    I wonder if at least 0.0001 % of them are tracked.
    Is there someone that found any history of some bill?

    • s3mm3l Says:

      About 0.8% (97 mill / 13,643 mill.) of all banknotes have been recorded at Eurobilltracker, 1/2 million interesting hits have been found.

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