Venus Transit 2012

Today I was lucky to take a photo of the Venus when it passed the straight line between the sun and the earth. You can clearly see the black disc of the night side of the Venus and some sunspots. The thin cloud adds some atmosphere.

Transit of the Venus on 6/6/2012, location Rostock, Germany.
Focal length = 840mm, F-stop = 13, Exposure time = 1 / 500 sec, APS-C Sensor (22mm x 15mm), Canon EOS 7D, Gain = ISO 100.
Exposure and histogram tweaked with Adobe Lightroom.


2 Responses to “Venus Transit 2012”

  1. David Ferrie Says:

    Superb capture, really great that you got sunspots too

  2. iPhone Screen Protector Says:

    Thanks for your post! Looking forward to reading more!

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