Dust Filtered Sun

This autumn strong winds over the Atlantic picked up dust from the Sahara and wood fires in Portugal and Spain. The winds carried the dust as far as eastern northern Germany.

Interestingly that weather system caused heavy storms across Irland and at the same time unusual calm days on the Baltic coast. The dust particles were so dense here that the brightness of the sun was reduced to levels which permitted direct eye observation and taking pictures without filter equipment.


The Sun at noon. Rostock, Germany 17. October 2017 (Focal length 300mm, F-No. 18, Exposure 1/1250, Canon 7D)

Even at higher resolutions I could not make out any sunspots on the surface. They serve me as verification that I hit the right exposure and did not saturate the camera sensor.

But there were not any. And that is because of another unusual event: “For a whole week, Oct. 9th – 15th, the face of the sun was utterly blank. There were no sunspots and no solar flares. NOAA classified solar activity as “very low.”” [from Spaceweather.com]


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